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Jade Sun School Syllabus

Jade Sun School at Elysium Sanctuary Co. WexfordThe syllabus below facilitates the careful incremental movement of the individual through their own awakening and becoming. Each of the modules mentioned are complete within themselves and also lay the foundation for the assimilation of the next course. However, please note the trainings are sequential and it is mandatory to take them in the order below. This is for the protection and safety of the student's development.

The modules are:

  • Module 1: Connecting with the Light of the Soul.
  • Module 2: The Science of Relationship.
  • Module 3: Exploring the Origin of the Soul.
  • Module 4: Earth Medicine Teachings.
  • Module 5: Heart Medicine Teachings.
  • Module 6: Mind Medicine Teachings.
  • Module 7: Awakening the Sacred Heart.
  • Module 8: Destiny and Karma. The Evolutionary Path of the Human Soul.
  • Module 9: The Reality of Evil, its purpose and function in the Evolution of the Human Soul.
  • Module 10: Divine Mother Qi Gong Part 1.
  • Module 11: Entering the "Michael School", commitment to the Path.
  • Module 12: Transformation of Sexual Creative Energy.
  • Module 13: Divine Mother Qi Gong Part 2.
  • Module 14: The Feathered Serpent, Preparing for Resurrection.

Auxiliary courses are offered on related topics, for example The Jesus Mysteries. Upcoming courses will be posted on our schedule.

Lastly, after the completion of the eighth module, the student will qualify to have the option of training and certifying in the Solar Sound Healing System. This is an intensive ten day training. Please see Solar Sound Healing for more details.

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